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Do You Need A Fast Internet Connection To Mine Cryptocurrency? - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Easy Crypto Hunter / Crypto Blog  / Do You Need A Fast Internet Connection To Mine Cryptocurrency?

Do You Need A Fast Internet Connection To Mine Cryptocurrency?

Do you need a really good internet connection to be a cryptocurrency miner? The quick answer is no the internet
requirement in terms of speed is very much a non-issue. There’s many rigs here in our offices. We can get anything
from around 30 to 40 rigs at any one time, running on a single one or two megabyte internet connection so relatively low speed is required.


A lot of people think “how is that possible it’s a blockchain server it must be processing loads of data” and it is however, the machines basically receive a question, do lots of hard work to figure out the answer and then just ping that answer back. As a result there’s quite a low rate of data transfer. It’s very different than downloading a movie or a film where there’s a constant flow of data moving between devices so ultimately yes, you do need a stable internet connection. If you’re losing internet every five minutes then there might be a problem but we do have more remote sites even farmers with wind turbines or digesters or people right out in the sticks who don’t have any internet connection and happily run these devices on 3G or even 4G remote dongle.

Ultimately over the course of the month you do want to make sure that if you have maybe a 4G adapter that you’ve got unlimited data as even though they don’t use a lot of speed over the course of a month you might chew through a little bit of data. Anyone on any domestic normal internet connection be it for business, home, anywhere with a normal ethernet plug, if you have broadband the internet will not be a restriction in nine out of ten cases.

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