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Our Mission Statement

Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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(+44) 0161 7638 728 - info@easycryptohunter.co.uk
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Terms & Conditions - Easy Crypto Hunter
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Order Tramadol Cod, Order Tramadol Discount

Please read in full. Updated Feb 2018. These terms are subject to change but are correct as of date of sale.

Order Tramadol Cod, Order Tramadol Discount

(I) I understand the nature of the product I am buying and that due to the complex individual components, there may be times when, through no fault of Easy Crypto Hunter, the rig does not operate at its maximum performance or stops functioning. At these times, Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable for any loss of coins or tokens that would have been acquired had the machine been operating at maximum performance.

(II) I accept that it is my responsibility to understand the machine well enough to perform routine maintenance and basic troubleshooting and I accept that the equipment purchased may need this on an ongoing basis.

(III) I understand that the equipment purchased from Easy Crypto Hunter is very delicate and its working function can be affected by very small impacts or knocks or any slight mistreatment. If any equipment is bought whilst physically seeing the item working and then does not operate effectively at its new location due to my transport, Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable to repair the machine and a fee may apply for doing so.

(IV) I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter does not itself offer any warranty on any of its products, and my purchase is effectively bought as seen.

(V) I understand that the products sold by Easy Crypto Hunter do carry a manufacturer warranty for at least 12 months (starting from the date easy crypto hunter first purchased the items) and any replacement component that may be needed due to failure will be claimed under the original manufacturer’s warranty. I agree to be subject each manufacturer and their respective terms and conditions.

(VI) I acknowledge that Easy Crypto Hunter or its affiliated parties are not liable to replace or refund for any part for full or partial refusal of warranty on any items due to other manufacturers and their respective policies, or individual company and suppliers’ terms and conditions. If any parts need replacing that fall under conditions that respective manufacturers deem to void the warranty for any reason. Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable for any loss of coin or tokens generated due to this event.

(VII) I understand that if, for any reason including but not limited to the company entering liquidation, ceasing trading or illness on behalf of those operating the company, Easy Crypto Hunter is not able to assist in the warranty process for any unforeseen reason, it will be my responsibility to contact the manufacturers and communicate with them directly to claim any respective warranties.

(VIII) If any parts need replacing that have been claimed under warranty outside of the first 30 days of purchase, then a £100 fee will apply per item that has needed to be replaced.

(IX) I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter does not take any responsibility for the amount of virtual coins or tokens that the machines produce and/or their future market value. Before purchasing any products from Easy Crypto Hunter, I conducted my own research and purchased equipment based upon my understanding of the cryptocurrency market and I am happy to bare the potential future risks.

(X) I understand that the machines have been tested and run to operate efficiently on the predetermined settings that the machine was constructed with. If I decide to alter these settings or make any changes to the software, I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable for any damages or losses this may cause.

(XI) I understand that the equipment sold by easy crypto hunter is very fragile and its performance and long-term health are heavily affected by the operating conditions in which it is situated. Before my purchase, I have undertaken sufficient research and understand the optimum condition this equipment needs to be operated in. I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable to replace and claim warranty on my behalf for any goods where they believe that the operation conditions were subpar – this includes but is not limited to: environments with lack of ventilation, poor cooling, poorly regulated power and excess dust or moisture.

(XII) I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter’s obligations end upon delivery of working hardware. Working hardware is defined as ‘the correct amount of graphics cards being recognized by Windows device manager’. For example, a 6 card mining rig will have 6 cards recognized by Windows Device Manager. Easy Crypto Hunter is not responsible for any functioning software on the machine. I understand that it will be my responsibility to educate myself to understand how the various mining softwares work and acknowledge that it is likely there they may be updates and various software changes needed in order to keep the machine operating at optimal performance. All of these things will be my responsibility and not that of Easy Crypto Hunter.

(XIII) I understand that the equipment purchased from Easy Crypto Hunter comes with a trial version of Microsoft windows installed and it is my responsibility if I so wish to purchase a full license to use that product in the future.

(XIV) I understand that if I choose to have my items shipped to me and pay for this service, Easy Crypto Hunter will use a suitable courier to ship rigs and pay for reasonable insurance to cover them during transit. If I am an international customer, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the respective import duties and taxes charged by my country.

(XV) I understand that the purchase of my equipment is separate from the provision of hosting services that may or may not be needed. I understand that the two are separate services and will be invoiced accordingly.

Easy Crypto Hunter Terms and Conditions of Hosting

(I) I understand that I will be charged a monthly hosting fee that will be agreed upon before sale and that I am liable to pay this on an ongoing monthly basis for the length that I have agreed with Easy Crypto Hunter to have the rigs hosted in their care. I understand that this monthly fee is subject to change at any time and that I will be notified of any changes at least 7 days before the next monthly payment is due.

(II) I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter is not expected to be able to ensure 100% ‘uptime’ or mining time on any of my equipment. However, I understand that they will do their upmost to ensure as close to maximum uptime as possible. I understand that there may be periods of ‘downtime’, times when the machines are not mining. For example, in instances such as cleaning and testing of the rigs and equipment, to replace any faulty parts or for external circumstances such as power loss or an unforeseen event at the hosting facility. I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter will not be accountable for any loss of coins or tokens during such time periods.

(III) I understand that, in the event of a total or partial loss – due to fires, floods, accidental damage or any other unforeseen circumstances covered by Easy Crypto Hunters insurance policy – I will be entitled to the current hardware value of my rig (or its respective damaged parts replaced) after factoring in market depreciation on the goods. If, for any reason, the insurance policy that Easy Crypto Hunter is covered by refuses payment of a claim, in such circumstances then I agree that Easy Crypto Hunter will not be held accountable. I acknowledge that any money potentially received is entirely subject to the terms and conditions of Easy Crypto Hunter’s respective insurance provider.

(IV) I also understand that in in the event of a total or partial loss as under conditions above

(III) Easy Crypto Hunter will not be liable for loss of coins generated in any downtime caused by such events.

(V) I understand that each month of hosting carries the pre-agreed fee. However, if I choose to collect the rig and no longer wish for the rig to be hosted, I will not be entitled to any partial refund of any days of hosting that would have been paid for in advance for that remaining month.

(VI) I understand that the hosting services are monthly and that I can decide to cancel the hosting process at any time and come and collect my equipment providing that is given to Easy Crypto Hunter in writing.

(VII) I understand that if, for any reason, I fail to pay my hosting fees or have not picked up my hardware on the date agreed for collection, Easy Crypto Hunter has the right to use my equipment to mine to a wallet address of their choosing whilst the equipment is in their possession.

(VIII) I understand that the majority of the time my equipment will be running the Nice Hash mining software. Easy Crypto Hunter reserves the right to use other mining software if they deem this to be the most suitable choice at the time and I will be notified if this is the case. This may mean coins are no longer distributed to my personal wallet daily and I understand that using alternative software may mean payments are issued manually to my preferred wallet throughout the month.

(IX) I understand that Easy Crypto Hunter reserves the right to stop providing its hosting services at any point and that if these circumstances arise I will be given at least 7 days’ notice before I must collect my equipment. If I do not collect my rig by the end of the notice period, the rigs will no longer mine for me until they are collected.


March “Win a rig for a month” Competition Terms and Conditions 


(i) To receive your free entry to our competition you must like our Facebook page – Easy Crypto Hunter. – You must also share our competition post that is on our Facebook page, to your own timeline.

(ii) The winner will be randomly drawn on the 31st March 2018 and upon winning the competition the Easy Crypto Hunter team will contact the winner directly and also share this on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages

(iii) The winner will receive one month’s worth of mining from one of our 6 card 1080TI mining rigs. – The rig will be kept on Easy Crypto Hunter’s premises throughout the monthly period and the winner will not ‘own’ any element of the rig but they will simply be entitled to its earning for that period of time .

(iv) The monthly earnings will be from NiceHash Miner and will be sent directly to your NiceHash wallet (which you will need to provide or we can help you set one up). – The mining period will run from April 1st 12:00 until May 1st 12:00.

(v) Easy Crypto Hunter cannot be responsible for the amount of coins or the value you will receive as this is entirely determined by external market forces.

(vi) If fewer than 100 people enter the competition, it will roll over until the next month.

(vii) If the winner does not respond to our attempts to get in touch via email or phone for 48 hours, the prize will be redrawn randomly from all the other qualifying entrants.