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Easy crypto hunter was founded on the principles of creating an honest an open dialogue with its customers and with a keen desire to educate and inform the wider public about the amazing and exciting things happening in crypto today.

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Mining Farms - Easy Crypto
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Mining Farms

If money grew on trees, wouldn’t you want a whole orchard? With mining rigs, we call this a farm.

Old McDonald should have come to us – We know how to farm!

Mining farms are the future. Our customers understand the ROI times and growth in the crypto industry so they are investing on a larger scale with a minimum of 10 rigs. Property investors and business owners are our biggest customers. They are setting up farms, mining large amounts of crypto and reinvesting this. Warehouses, offices or any well-ventilated, dry and secure spaces would be suitable to host a farm. If you don’t currently have the indoor space for a farm but want to invest on a larger scale, see our mobile Cryptocontainers.

As the UK’s largest operation specialising in 1080ti mining rigs, we have unrivalled access to a large quantities of GPUs and an expert build team that deliver quickly. We are experts in farming. Compared to owning a single rig, there are a few additional considerations when thinking about setting up a farm. That means we help you maximise profitability and ease. We are the best people to advise on the following areas:

1. Power requirements
2. Air conditioning
3. Specialised insurance.
4. Installing software that allows remote, central control of all rigs.

Farming versus Traditional Investments

Cryptocurrency is the obvious choice for anyone with liquid cash looking to invest. No tenants, fixed term investments or huge tax deductions.
Property Developers

Did you know that the average best performing 10 postcodes last year were: 9.97% yield. The average best performing 10 cryptoassets: Over 14,000%.

Stock investors

The best performing stock last year realised 136%. Best performing cryptoasset? 36,018%. Plus, your investment isn’t fixed. You could resell the equipment at any time.

Business Owners

You benefit from VAT deductions on all your rigs. As above, heat as a by-product means savings on energy costs if you have an office or warehouse you need to heat.

Individual Investors

Still got your savings in the bank? WHY?! Average rate for new savers = 0.28%. Liquid cash can be turned into passive income overnight with our rigs.

Profit Calculator

Crypto is an industry that rewards people who show they believe in its future by investing big. It’s how you do this that’s important. The most secure way to do this is to invest in assets that won’t lose value. That’s why we mine with GPUs. The more GPUs you have, the more you mine. Slide the profit calculator to see monthly mining figures based on past experience of mining. Plus, GPUs are a more secure way to invest compared to other methods of mining or trading since they hold their value extremely well and are always in high demand.

Pounds mined per month

*Please note due to the fact mining times and currency values change on a daily basis this information is not guaranteed to be the exact amount you will mine.
£ 0
Mined Monthly*
0 1080ti Graphics Cards

Our advice?

Invest Early

With cryptocurrency, the early bird definitely catches the worm. Give us a call today.

Invest Big

Start your farm with 10 or more rigs to receive discount and maximise profit.

Invest Smart

Static or portable farming. Call our experts to help you decide which suits you best.

I wanted to get into crypto mining but didn't know where to start. Easy Crypto Hunter made it a painless and straightforward to buy my first rig and have it all managed for a small hosting fee each month. All questions were answered and continue to be as I increase my knowledge of this exciting opportunity


I firstly spoke with Josh in November 2017 and he quickly put me at ease and ran through all the options. The great thing was that he was able to put it all in laymans terms and knew the answers to all of my million newbie questions. Despite a few issues (beyond anyone's control) along the way, I am really happy he has been able to assist on my mining journey. I feel very confident in my rigs being built to the highest specs and by being hosted by Josh that they are in the best hands.


Anyone looking into mining or after good advice won't go wrong by speaking to Josh. After a phone call over the weekend, I was up and running in a week!!! Remember at the time you couldn't buy any 1080Ti cards for love nor money. First night of mining and minor adjusting I collected £10 of BTC!! Now I need more rigs!


Ready to start mining?

As above, we do offer deals on sales of 10 or more rigs and would need to advise on power and space requirements.

So for mining farm enquiries, the best thing you can do is give us a call…

+44 (0)161 7638 728